The mechanism and destination to use for logging of warning and error mes-
sages can be controlled by passing various parameters to the -L flag.

-Le Log messages to the standard error stream.

Log messages to the specified file.

-Lo Log messages to the standard output stream.

Log messages via syslog, using the specified facility (’d’ for
LOG_DAEMON, ’u’ for LOG_USER, or ’0’-’7’ for LOG_LOCAL0 through

There are also "upper case" versions of each of these options, which allow
the corresponding logging mechanism to be restricted to certain priorities
of message. Using standard error logging as an example:

-LE pri
will log messages of priority ’pri’ and above to standard error.

-LE p1-p2
will log messages with priority between ’p1’ and ’p2’ (inclusive)
to standard error.

For -LF and -LS the priority specification comes before the file or facil-
ity token. The priorities recognised are:

0 or ! for LOG_EMERG,
1 or a for LOG_ALERT,
2 or c for LOG_CRIT,
3 or e for LOG_ERR,
4 or w for LOG_WARNING,
5 or n for LOG_NOTICE,
6 or i for LOG_INFO, and
7 or d for LOG_DEBUG.

Normal output is (or will be!) logged at a priority level of LOG_NOTICE